Parisians embrace Indonesian culture in front of The Louvre

Around 4,500 Parisians and visitors flocked to Mairie Du 1er Arrondissement, Paris, to catch a glimpse of Indonesian culture from May 14-19, 2018.

During the event, which took place across The Louvre, visitors had the opportunity to sample Indonesian snacks and coffee as well as take part in umbrella and batik workshops.

Dubbed “Indonesia a Fascinating Journey”, the event was hosted by France Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN) and supported by the French National Commission for UNESCO, Paris administration as well as the Indonesian Embassy in Paris.

First Arrondissement Mayor Jean-François Legaret said in a statement that it was a privilege for him and the residents of Paris to be able to enjoy the amazing Indonesian culture.

Meanwhile, France IDN president Nina Hanafi said in a press release that the event aimed to introduce Indonesia to mainstream French society, explaining that previously, Indonesian events in Paris only focused on Indonesians living in the city.

In addition to showcasing Indonesian foods and hosting workshops, the event also presented traditional dances, fashion shows and a photo exhibition about Borobudur temple.

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