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New Candi Found ?

New Candi Found Regarding the finding of a site suspected of being a temple in Wonolelo Village, Magelang, the Central Java Province Cultural Heritage Conservation Center (BPCB) continues to carry out further research. The stone structure that is thought to be part of the temple structure was accidentally discovered by a sand digger in the Windusabrang Hamlet area, Sawangan District. The findings of the rock arrangement in Wonolelo are very…

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Gunung Padang

Gunung Padang Archeology Gunung (?) Padang Is this a Mountain or what.. Gunung Padang is a megalithic site located in Karyamukti village, Cianjur regency, West Java Province of Indonesia, 30 kilometres (19 mi) southwest of the city of Cianjur or 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from Lampegan station. It has been called the largest megalithic site in all of Southeastern Asia, and has produced controversial carbon dating results which, if confirmed,…

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Sadahurip Mountain ? or Pyramids ? Archeology Mount (?) Sidahurip Is this a Mountain or what.. Mount Sadahurip has a shape not a cone or strato, maar, or a shield like other common mountain shapes. However, the mountain is in the form of a pyramid, so that the local residents also call it a pyramid mountain, in accordance with the shape of its natural appearance which has four sides and…