New Candi Found

Regarding the finding of a site suspected of being a temple in Wonolelo Village, Magelang, the Central Java Province Cultural Heritage Conservation Center (BPCB) continues to carry out further research. The stone structure that is thought to be part of the temple structure was accidentally discovered by a sand digger in the Windusabrang Hamlet area, Sawangan District. The findings of the rock arrangement in Wonolelo are very potential for further investigation. The findings in Windusabrang Hamlet are very interesting. Its position is flanked by two rivers and is in an area that is higher than the other temples around here. The BPCB team has visited the site to secure the location. They also asked the local government to help protect the site, which happened to be in the sand excavation area.

Archaeologists Suggest that the Ancient Ruins in Mijen Be Moved to the BPCB Museum asks residents to report and not change the position of the rock arrangement that is thought to be a temple around the location. The local police will set up a police line around the location of the discovery of the alleged temple site. The discovery of pyroclastic rock structures around the temple site, confirms the suspicion that this site was buried by volcanic material from the eruption of Mount Merapi. If we refer to the historical records of large-scale eruptions of Merapi, it is possible that this site was buried in an eruption about 1,000 years ago. This refers to the findings of temples around Yogyakarta which were buried by eruption material during the same period.

About one month ago (around September, 2020), a sand miner named Ginut found a boulder that was thought to be part of the temple. The chunks were found at a manual sand excavation site belonging to the Bukari family, a resident of Windusabrang Hamlet. The stone that is thought to be part of the top of the temple is kept at the hamlet head’s house. The sand excavation activity then found the part that is thought to be the base of the temple. “I cleaned it. Tomorrow anyone who finds more stones will be treated to form a temple, ”said Ginut.